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In 1988, Kamen Popov (1947 – 2015) founded GALLERY EDITION 88 аs well as a poster edition, an art school and the publicity agency "Radar" in Luxembourg.

During 31 years the art of important Bulgarian artists as well as works from artists of other nationalities were successfully exhibited. The art school prepared candidates for their admission in different art academies in Europe. The school was visited by art lovers of all ages and all nationalities.

Kamen Popov worked in the field of applied graphics and painting. He realized posters for theatres in Luxembourg and abroad. In 2015 Kamen Popov passed away. Gallery 88 continued its activities until November 2019 under the direction of Kamen’s two sisters, Sneji and Julita Popova.

In 2021 Julita Popova and her husband Jos Celis traveled from Luxembourg to Sofia with the mission to transfer and keep alive the 31 year legacy of Gallery 88.

Gallery 88 Kamen Popov and the Foundation, also in his name, officially opened on June 10th, 2022 in Sofia.


Foundation Kamen Popov was created to preserve the artwork of Kamen Popov and transmit to future generations his art while keeping alive the memory of the Bulgarian poster. The foundation holds a permanent collection of Kamen Popov’s artwork as well as a collection of artwork by artists who have exhibited in Gallery 88 in Luxembourg.

The mission of the foundation is to carry out cultural activity by organizing art exhibitions, concerts, presentations of literary works and other meetings and events. Therefore, engaging in community outreach and stimulating creative research by young artists.

Foundation Kamen Popov will work together with Bulgarian and international non-government organizations which have the same activities. It will develop cultural tourism while continuing to popularize Kamen Popov’s oeuvre.